Overcome Email Overload with Eudora 5


Becuase it is much easier to modify a rule that someone else made instead of creating a new one for yourself, I have created filter files that you can download.

Note that if you download filters that mention folders and nicknames that you don't have, the worst that will happen is that you will get warning notices that the folder doesn't exist and that the filters won't do anything when you think they should. (That's why you need to customize them!)

Download Instructions

  1. Quit out of Eudora.

  2. Download the Mac OS or Windows version of the filters. For the Windows version, you will need to right-click on the link, then select Save Link As... (Netscape) or Save Target As... (Internet Explorer). If you can't find it after you download it, use your operating system to search for the appropriate file on your hard drive: Filters.pce or macRestricted.sit

  3. Uncompress the file if it isn't already uncompressed. You may need to install Stuffit Expander if you use a Mac.

  4. Put the file in the right place. If you download a Mac OS version, you must put the downloaded file same folder that has your Eudora Settings file and mailboxes, replacing the file named Eudora Filters. (You may want to move your old one to someplace safe first.)

    If you download the Windows version, you need to rename the file to Filters.pce -- if it isn't called that already.

  5. Restart Eudora.

  6. Customize the filters that need customizing (unless you downloaded the restricted version).

Updated 7 March 2002