Overcome Email Overload with Eudora 5

Errata and Additional Tips

Despite my best efforts, I didn't catch all of the problems with the book before it went to the printers. If you find an error that is not listed, please let me know so that I can fix it in the (eventual) second printing.

The only error that I think is important is that Light Mode won't let you change a message's label with a filter. That's pretty key to the prioritization strategy in Chapter 2.

Factual Errors

Errors of Omission


The following index items should be added or changed:



Here are useful tips that didn't make it into the first printing of the book, either because they don't help get through email faster, because I didn't learn about them until later, or because I didn't think they were appropriate for the book. If you find any errors in the book, please send email to eudoraErrors@webfoot.com.

If you know any Eudora tricks that aren't in the book, please send email to eudoraTips@webfoot.com

Last Modified 10 January 2002.